It was an other heating day in Pärnu. Location: SW Estonia, next to the sea. Beach was crowded. But somewhere not too far away rain clouds had an other idea of lovely summer day. It started to rain but only there, away from us. In spite of everything it was a beautiful view. You could see exactly where the rain starts and where stops. It was like highlighted with a blue marker. The dark clouds came near. I went to the sea. The sea is normally greyish brownish greenish. But now when the dark blue clouds came over our heads sea mirror the colour and I had the feeling like I´m swimming in the ocean somewhere in the open sea. The feeling was awesome. I was afraid quite a lot. I was looking only up because the navy and deep blue sea was menacingly turned to strange. I´m not use to swim this dark water. It was redoubtable and pulchritudinous (what a word XD, I just found it from a dictionary. I don´t know how to pronounce this, hehe) in the same time. And see the sun behind cumulonimbus cloud!

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