Sightseeing Art (presentation & workshop)

Starting on 02.05.2011 in The Hungarian University of Fine Arts. 
Intermedia Department

Sightseeing Art is based on some reflections on tourism and global experiences nowadays and it (hopefully)  proposes a much more different approach than the most common one.


1. Rather than thinking in universal terms and global scale, we’ll be focused on local experiences.

2. Behaving as “tourists” or “travellers” in our own day to day environments.

3. Being open to new experiences of the familiar but also to the unexpected.

4. Redefining “monuments” and “city attractions” from a personal and an artistic point of view.

5. Changing our attitudes and perceptions of the everyday life.

6. Giving ourselves the opportunity to keep curious towards the apparently well-known “reality”.


April, 2011


Óscar Martínez Martín
Associate Professor
Faculty of Fine Arts. Cuenca. Spain